Tell a story…

…about a town that, in 1911, had a population of less than 50 people. And yet, five short years later, grew to over 12,000 individuals

…about a region that is world renowned for dinosaurs, yet once warmed the homes of Canadians for decades

…about what “Thunder In the Valley” really meant, when 139 coal mines shook the walls of the Canadian Badlands

…about the softball games, May Day parades, and brothels that entertained miners through good times and bad

…a story of the over 200 souls who lost their lives to those same coal mines, and how their sacrifices impact what our history is today

Atlas Cole Mine Jobs Opportunities
Drumheller Area Job Opportunities
Jobs at Atlas Coal Mine
Job opportunities at Atlas Coal Mine
The Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site immerses visitors in an unforgettable experience set in a story-rich, historic landscape featuring the last wooden mine tipple in Canada. We take you underground, into the stunning Alberta badlands, so you can breathe, smell, and feel the life of a miner at a time when “coal was king.”

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